Northern Cape - Sa //a !aisi 'uisi (We go to a better life)

The Northern Cape - South Africa's largest province - stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the diamond fields of Kimberly and upper Karoo in the east. It is a land of rugged beauty, endless horizons and vistas, unrelenting sunshine, green fields, vineyards and carpets of flowers - a true experience in opposites. The desolate landscape of the Kalahari provides uninterrupted horizons in an often unforgiving country where the mineral rich water gushing from the Eye of Kuruman provides a remarkable contradiction. Historical Kimberly - site of one of the richest diamond deposits in its heyday - reminds visitors of its historical past while still managing to meet the demands of a modern city which is the capital of the Northern Cape. The Northern Cape allows the visitor to hear and truly experience one of the last remaining unspoilt eco-systems in the World.

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