Limpopo - Peace, Unity and Prosperity

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Often referred to as the Great North, this most northerly province in South Africa is home to over 50 provincial nature reserves and it hosts three of the country's impressive national parks. Two-thirds of the vast Kruger National Park - with its abundance of elephant, buffalo and other protected wildlife - lies within the Northern Province. In almost stark contrast, the province is the preferred location of more than 60% of all hunting undertaken in the country and responsible for over 50% of all game sales in South Africa. The Northern Province has a rich heritage of cultures, legends and traditional crafts and it is home to the Venda, Tsonga and North Sotho nations. Historical treasures abound in the province including the archaeological rich Thulamela site and the Mpungubwe ruins - which pre-date the Great Zimbabwe and Makapans Caves - often regarded as the cradle of mankiind.

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