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The Heritage Training Academy has been established to provide greater understanding of environmental concepts and to develop and enhance the skills of people that are involved in the management of environmental sustainability systems.

The courses offered by Heritage have been developed over a period of years during which we have identified the challenges and shortcomings associated with the implementation of the Heritage Environmental Management System.  Aligned to the ISO4001 standard, course content addresses the fundimentals of environmental management, climate change and human resource development and each workshop is presented in an informative, interactive and professional manner by our own trainer.

Where specialised skills are needed, Heritage includes the services and experience of recognised specialists in their own fields, thereby ensuring the most effective and valuable learning experiences.

Our Current Courses:  We are pleased to present the following courses - Should you be interested please complete the form provided and fax/email it back to us at Fax: 08669107120 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Green Leader WorkshopThe course addresses the management skills and systems necessary to ensure the effective implementation, monitoring and review of the heritage EMS at an operational level. It consists of a three hour workshop that deals with the fundamentals of the Heritage Programme; techniques and processes to ensure buy-in at all levels of the organisation; the roles and functions of an Environmental Committee (Green Team); the roles and responsibilities of the Environmental Officer and monitoring and managing performance across the organisation. 

Target Group: Existing or inexperienced Environmental Officers and system-coordinators currently working in a Heritage certified businesses


Green Events Management : This course deals with greening events, conferences and meetings and it introduces delegates to the fundamentals of event greening.  The course is provided in association with the Event Greening Forum, South Africa's official greening association and focusses on practical management of greener events.  The course takes a day to cover planning; sourcing and contracting; development of appropriate policies and vision; monitoring; management and reporting on greener events.

Target Group: Events co-ordinators, conference centre management, Banqueting co-ordinators, Events management teams


Climate Change and GHG Management This one-day workshop focusses on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of your business and on how to manage them.  Delegates will learn about identifying and planning for the impacts of Climate Change on their activities, and then how to mitigate the impacts that cannot be avoided.  It will provide practical and effective indicators, systems and processes to follow when planning or evaluation your Climate Change impacts and include calculating and off-setting the emissions associated with your activities.

Target Group: Environmental Officers, Green Team Members, Sustainability Managers


Environmental Aspects, Impacts & Environmental Legislation : This is a one-day workshop that aims to explain the environmental aspects of your business, as well as the impacts of these activities and how to manage them.  Identifying and recording environmental aspects and impacts is often a very difficult process to the layman, and this practical course aims to demystify the processes, terminology and challenges experienced in developing an effective Aspects and Impacts Register. The second session will cover your legal aspects associated with the activities of your business as well as addressing the environmental legislative issues facing businesses today.

Target Group: Environmental Officers, Green Team Members, Sustainability Managers

All training opportunities are offered either as open workshops, but companies may also aply for the training to be held as closed sessions at their own offices. 

For more information on training opportunities or dates of our scheduled workshops, see our training calendar.  For general enquiries, please submit your enquiry here.

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