The Eco-Choice Ecolabel


The Eco-Choice Ecolabelling Programme is an environmental certification initiative for manufactured products developed and managed by Heritage, Africa's leading environmental certification company. The Eco-Choice standards have been developed to meet the highest international standards of ecolabelling, providing eco-aware consumers with a trusted source of environmentally responsible products across a range of product types. Ecolabelling is a valuable endorsement of the environmental status of manufactured products and growing international consumer demand for products bearing independently audited ecolabels makes this an important part of any responsible company's marketing strategy.

Manufacturers and distributors of goods and products are awarded the Eco-Choice Ecolabel only after their manufacturing processes and product components have passed rigorous independent laboratory tests and have met the standards of environmental responsibility associated with this programme. Eco-Choice provides you with an independent evaluation of your manufacturing standard and ensures that the materials, components and manufacturing processes used in the products have a limited and managed impact.

The Eco-Choice Ecolabelling Programme complies with the requirements of third-party certification systems.

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