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Clean BankingŪ has been developed to provide the banking and financial sector with an easy-to-implement and managed environmental management option. The programme has been developed from the successful Heritage Environmental Programme and international initiatives in this field to provide a hands-on solution to the application, evaluation, management and reporting of environmental compliance by businesses in the financial sector. Clean BankingŪ offers a comprehensive and inclusive alternative to other environmental management programmes by ensuring that the corporate policies and practices by businesses are undertaken and applied within the guidelines of recognised international reporting standards. The programme is based largely on ISO 9000, 14000 and 18000 and incorporates elements of the GRI (Global Reporting Index) and standards developed by UNEP-FI, World Bank and the UN-Global Compact.

To ensure the most effective implementation and reporting standards, Clean BankingŪ provides full training, monitoring and support services to all participating businesses. A team of dedicated Environmental Officers are assigned to each group or company to ensure confidence, effectiveness and independence. Our standards are constantly benchmarked against best international practice to ensure that participating businesses achieve a globally competitive reporting standard. Although many businesses see environmental compliance as a burden on current administration, consideration must be given to the current growing demand, legal compliance and increase awareness within the market.

?Those that show initiative and commitment now will see the world chase after them?

Qualifying Businesses: Banks and Financial Institutions

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